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TS602 Impedance Analyser – New Model

Transducer Analyser Front with pen to show its size

Daytronics Systems has a new product model designed for testing underwater transducers and hydrophones – the TS602 Impedance Analyser, also known as a Transducer Tester.

Commonly fitted to survey boats or other ships, hydrophones are used for a wide variety of applications including fish tracking, checking for sea mines, salvage operations, wildlife management, sea bed mapping and even treasure hunting. Essentially they are underwater microphones which convert under water sounds into measurable data.

Hydrophones are lowered into the sea underneath the boat. They are often used to record data at depths where scuba divers cannot safely go, or where it is too dark to see clearly. Because of this, hydrophones are subject to extremes of temperature, corrosive salt and water for long periods of time. Although these products are designed and built to withstand such environmental extremes, they are still sensitive devices which can sustain damaged or impaired functionality.

To ensure that the hydrophone is functioning correctly and the data collected is accurate, it is important that the hydrophone is checked regularly to ensure that it is responding to sound information correctly. The TS602 Impedance Analyser will run diagnostic checks on the the hydrophone and give accurate reports on the operation and data collection ability.

As the data from a hydrophone is the basis for all analysis of a sea going project, it is absolutely essential that this piece of equipment is maintained to an optimal level at all times. The TS602 is therefore an essential piece of equipment for any boat or ship that uses hydrophones. It is modestly priced and offers real value for money. The price of the product is very small in comparison to the costs that could be incurred for having faulty equipment or inaccurate data.

The Daytronics Impedance Analyser is an unassuming product with a deceptively simple interface. Connected to a PC, the software gives an array of essential information about the hydrophone. Decisions can easily be made regarding the purchase of new hydrophones, or the repair or calibration of existing ones.

Please visit the Impedance Analyser / Transducer Tester page for more information.

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